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Cape Town's new name? //Hui !Gaeb


A view of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. Here the mountain that defines Cape Town is lit up with red lights to mark World AIDS Day on December 1, 2010.


Carl Fourie

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — Forget "Cape Town." 

A new campaign is promoting the renaming of Cape Town, South Africa's most iconic city, as "//Hui !Gaeb," a Khoisan word meaning "where clouds gather."

The idea came about at a community meeting of Khoisan ethnic groups known also as "Bushmen," who were the original inhabitants of South Africa's fairest cape.

To promote //Hui !Gaeb as Cape Town's new name, billboards will be erected around the city this week, the Weekend Argus newspaper reported.

“We will be putting up the boards for all to see, and if they’re taken down or vandalized, we will not retaliate. Instead, we will just keep replacing them,” Tania Kleinhans of the Institute for the Restoration of the Aborigines of South Africa told the Argus.

The //Hui !Gaeb billboards will be sponsored by Nando's, the controversy-loving South African fast food chain.

The name change is intended to commemorate the traditional leader and healer of the Khomani San of the Kalahari, Dawid Kruiper, who died June 13, the Argus said.

Kleinhans reportedly asked Nando's to get involved after seeing the company's latest TV ad, which focused on the touchy subject of xenophobia in South Africa.

“We love the advert, because it is based on facts. It is not about racism, xenophobia or diversity. It shows that we are the original people of SA,” Kleinhans told the Argus.

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