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A Hot Friday Night in North Vietnam

For our Friday night edition of our Geo Quiz – we touch down in a South East Asian city.

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There are 6 million people crowded into Vietnam's second largest city and many have wrapped up their work week.

On this hot and humid summer night, there's a cool breeze coming off West Lake, one of several freshwater lakes scattered around this city the city streets are buzzing with motorbikes.

Merchants in the old quarter are busy selling silk and jewelry. In the street side cafes, cooks are chopping up veggies and steams rising from pots of rice noodle soup called Pho.

Can you name this Vietnamese cultural capital? It's Friday night somewhere on the planet.

Heck it's already Saturday in some parts of the world. But let's stay on Friday and find out what's happenning in Vietnam's 2nd largest city.

Phillip Martin is a reporter for WGBH Radio. He is currently on a reporting trip in and aroundHanoi, Vietnam, the answer to our Geo Quiz.

So far he has been caught in a monsoon, strolled through the Old Quarter markets, talked with Vietnamese vets, and managed to stay clear of packs of city motorbikes. Now have a listen to his take on what's happening in Hanoi on a Friday night!