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Charlie Sheen admits to "psychotic break," in Playboy interview


Actor Charlie Sheen during 2011 when he now admits he was in the midst of "a psychotic break."


Christopher Polk

Charlie Sheen admitted the meltdown that cost him his role in 'Two and a Half Men' last year was a “psychotic break.”

In an interview with Playboy magazine, Sheen said: “I started to unravel . . . I finally just said things I had always been thinking. But in the middle of a psychotic break.” 

Recapping on the "train wreck of a meltdown," E! Online describes how the incidents saw Sheen "enter rehab, ruthlessly rip Two and Half Men showrunner Chuck Lorre and costar Jon Cryer, get fired from the show, embark on a universally trashed national tour, and shack up with a harem of "goddesses."

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In an article on the Playboy exchange, The New York Post highlights that Sheen said he never anticipated losing his job over his actions.

The Telegraph reports that he also said he regretted calling Cryer a "troll" and "a traitor", saying: "That was wrong. I whaled on him unnecessarily."

"He just got caught in the crossfire. He's a beautiful man and a f**king fabulous dude and I miss him. I need to repair that relationship, and I will. I will reach out and do whatever is necessary," he continued.

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USA Today explains that the interview comes as Sheen prepares to unveil his new sitcom 'Anger Management,' which he says will be he is "swan song". 

When its done, he says, he will focus on spending time with his young children and "it's just going to be about soccer games and amusement parks."