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Adele song wakes Charlotte Neve, 7, from coma


Charlotte Neve, 7, woke up from a coma when Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" came on the radio and her mother started singing along.

 A 7-year-old girl woke up from a life-threatening coma when Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" came on the radio.

Charlotte Neve suffered a rare type of brain hemorrhage in mid-April, and slipped into a coma after two operations were performed to stop the bleeding. Doctors told her mother, Leila, that her daughter's chances didn't look good, The Telegraph reported.

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The girl had been in a coma for a week when her mother stopped in one day and began singing to "Rolling in the Deep," which was on the radio.

Charlotte smiled in response, astounding doctors. Within two days, she started speaking and even managed to get out of bed, The Daily Mail reported.

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"I couldn't believe it," Leila Neve told The Telegraph. "It was the first time she had reacted to anything since the hemorrhage. The nurses were astounded and told me to keep singing, and she smiled again...[They] said it was like I "unlocked her," and from that day she started getting better and better."

Since then, Charlotte's recovery has been speedy. She's partially blind and suffers from memory loss, but is already back in school part-time and taking dance classes.

"How she's still here is beyond everybody," Leila Neve said. "I was told that she was very lucky to survive."

Charlotte’s friends and family set up a Facebook group, “Lottie Loo’s Get Well Wish,” chronicling her progress.