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Octopus gets cheeky, hitches ride on dolphin's privates


The cheeky octopus was captured by Joan Gonzalvo for the Tethys Research Institute as the group was observing a small pod.


Joan Gonzalvo / Tethys Research Institute

An overly presumptuous octopus was taken on the ride of its life after it somehow attached itself to a dolphin's genitals. 

The bizarre incident was witnessed by researchers with the Ionian Dolphin Project, part of the Tethys Research Institute, who were observing a foursome of dolphins near the island of Kalamos off the west coast of Greece, according to CBS. 

CBS noted that octopuses are sly creatures, adding that many species can change not only their color, but their texture, to mimic specific objects and hide from predators.

Dolphins are also known for being a highly intelligent mammal, making a fight between an octopus and a dolphin one of both brawn and brain. 

"My hypothesis is that the dolphin might have attacked - tried to prey on the octopus - and somehow to avoid it the octopus just attached to the dolphin's belly," photographer Joan Gonzalvo told Science 20.

According to New Scientist, the dolphin made two leaps before it was finally able to shake off the cephalopod. "Whales have been reported on numerous occasions to breach, as a strategy to remove parasites and barnacles," Gonzalvo said. 

No word yet if the dolphin will sue for sexual harassment.