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Microsoft launches 'Surface', the iPad rival (VIDEO)


Microsoft gunning for iPad with the launch of their new tablet, Surface.



Microsoft has announced the release of its new tablet called Surface. Along with it, the company has also released a whole new image. 

Since Steve Jobs took back control of Apple in the 90's, Microsoft has been relegated to second place. Apple was the cool, sleek, expensive new kid, while Apple was, well, the computer nerd. 

Microsoft always had the technology but never the "it" factor that Apple had with their iPods, iPads, iPhones, and everything else lowercase i. Now with Surface, it may finally be joining the cool kids lunch table. 

For starters, Microsoft will finally make the leap to producing its own product from start to finish, according to the BBC. This is a huge departure for a company that usually relies on several different companies to supply various parts.

But this could be a risky move for Microsoft, as it puts it in competition with other manufactures who are planning to release tablets designed for Windows 8, the BBC reported. 

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The Washington Post reported Surface will boast a larger display and be lighter than the iPad.  Hopefully it won't just be bigger and brighter, but cheaper as well.

According to the Washington Post, Surface will come equipped with two USB ports, something that Apple has been fighting off with the iPad. That's not the only thing that sets it apart, The New York Times reported that the tablet will have a detachable keyboard, which will double as a cover in a move that makes it more business-friendly than the iPad.

With the new release Microsoft also seems to be releasing a new, more hardcore hip, image. 

Twitter users shared their mixed reaction to Surface's announcement: 

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