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'Draw Something' app makes its way to TV


'Draw Something', the popular iPhone game, has been optioned and purchased by CBS. Ryan Seacrest will produce the show.


Frederic J. Brown

Draw Something, the wildly popular gaming application, will soon be making its way from iPhone to TV. 

CBS announced plans to develop the Zynga game into a live action game show. CBS reported that Ryan Seacrest has signed off as a producer. So far there has been no announcement on who will host the show, although some are reporting it will be Seacrest himself. 

Draw Something is a mobile version of Pictionary, where friends send drawings back and forth to each other and guess the words people were trying to draw.

More from GlobalPost: Zynga just bought Draw Something developer OMGPOP

OMGPOP,  the company that originally made the game, was quickly scooped up by Zynga only a few months after its launch. Forbes reported Zynga bought both the company, and the game, for $180 million.

According to CNN, the game had 50 million downloads in just seven weeks.

CBS is planning to make the game show a mix of celebrities and every day people. There may also be an option for viewers watching at home to participate and earn prizes, according to the Christian Science Monitor.