'Canadian Pyscho' Luka Magnotta pleads not guilty in body parts case


Canadian police are looking for Rocco Luka Magnotta in connection with a murder mystery that includes body parts mailed to political parties and a dismembered torso found in the garbage.



Luka Rocco Magnotta, dubbed the "Canadian Psycho," pleaded not guilty Tuesday to dismembering a Chinese student in Montreal last month and mailing the body parts to several addresses.

The 29-year-old Magotta entered the plea to five charges -- including first-degree murder -- through his lawyer, Pierre Panaccio, The Associated Press reported.

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On Thursday, the court will consider Magnotta's lawyer request that he be evaluated by a psychiatrist to determine his criminal responsibility, according to the AP.

Magnotta arrived in Canada on Monday after being extradited from Germany aboard a military plane.

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A self-described porn actor and prostitute, he also faces charges of defiling the corpse of Montreal university student Jun Lin, who was his lover, and harrassing Prime Minister Stephen Harper, The Canadian Press reported.

Lin's dismembered torso was found in a suitcase outside a Montreal apartment building last month. His hands and feet were mailed to the Conservative and Liberal party headquarters in the Canadian capital Ottawa and to two schools in Vancouver.

Magnotta was arrested earlier this month in a Berlin Internet cafe while apparently reading news stories about himself, according to The Canadian Press.

When asked about Magnotta's return, China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Tuesday that China was monitoring developments and hoped that there would be justice to give "the victim a result that can have him rest in peace."