Kandahar attacks leave at least 10 dead in Afghanistan


US soldiers inspect the site of a suicide attack near the gate of Kandahar international airport on January 19, 2012. A suicide bomber killed at least seven people and wounded eight on January 19 in an attack at Kandahar international airport in war-torn southern Afghanistan, officials said.



Local and NATO officials today said suspected militants dressed in Afghan police uniform attacked a security checkpoint in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar today, killing three soldiers, reported The New York Times, while a separate assault in the same area very early today reportedly left at least seven insurgents dead, according to The Washington Post

The first attack, which The Washington Post said occured before dawn at a NATO camp just outside Kandahar city, resulted in a lengthy gun battle that Agence-France Press said left all seven militants dead. 

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The second attack on a security checkpoint southwest of Kandahar city killed three soldiers and wounded seven, The New York Times cited pronvincial spokesman Javed Faisal as saying. None of the victims were believed to be among NATO forces.

The violence comes a day after officials said one NATO servicemember was killed in an attack by three assailants wearing the Afghan police uniform in a so-called "green on blue" attack. NATO has launched a search for the three individials, according to The Washington Post

Such attacks have been on the rise recently in Afghanistan, raising security concerns as the nation's freshly-trained police force takes over in advance of the withdrawal of foreign troops by 2014.