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Poll: 68 percent of Americans still blame Bush for economic woes


US President Barack Obama (L) and First Lady Michelle Obama (R) pose with former US president George W. Bush and his wife Laura Bush during the unveiling of their portraits May 31, 2012 in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC.



Former US President George W. Bush is still getting the blame for America's economic woes, according to the latest Gallup poll

The poll, which surveyed 1,004 Americans, found that 68 percent of respondents feel Bush shoulders either a "moderate amount" or a "great deal" of the responsibility for the country's recession, compared to 52 percent who blame President Barack Obama. 

Respondents who identified themselves as Republican were much more likely to hold Obama responsible for the US economy's current state, according to Reuters: 83 percent said the current Democratic president should be blamed, compared with only 19 percent of Democrats. 

90 percent of Democrats blamed Republican president Bush for the weak economy, according to the poll.

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"Republicans, in short, are significantly more willing to blame their most recent Republican president than are Democrats willing to blame Obama," Gallup said.

Obama often argues while on the campaign trail that his administration inherited a dismal economic situation from Bush, CNN reported, and the Gallup poll shows that "a majority of Americans agree with Obama that current economic conditions are linked to the policies of the previous Republican administration," according to CNN. 

Gallup first began assessing blame for the recession in July 2009, six months after Obama came into office, UPI reported. Their first poll found that 80 percent of Americans blamed Bush for the bad economy and 32 percent blamed Obama. 

The survey's results come as Obama prepares to speak about the current economic situation in Ohio, where we will defend his work to repair the country's economy.

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