Mitt Romney apologizes to woman who claims his campaign staff trashed her cafe


Mitt Romney speaks to supporters on Jan. 19, 2012 in Charleston, South Carolina.


Joe Raedie

Mitt Romney called an Iowa restaurant owner last week to apologize for making her feel disrespected, the Des Moines Register reported

Last Friday, Dianne Bauer and her husband Earl hosted a meeting for the Romney campaign at their restaurant, called the Main Street Cafe. After the visit, the campaign staff left the cafe trashed, Bauer alleged. She was also unhappy that she never actually got to meet Romney, KPTM reported

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"Stuff got broke. My table cloths they just got ripped off, wadded up and thrown in the back room," Bauer told KPTM. Bauer, who has also hosted Rick Perry at her cafe, isn't just mad at Romney. She also made a subtle dig at Obama in her interview with KPTM:  "This was all out, like you'd think Obama was here." She said Rick Perry was much more polite, however, and made a point of introducing himself to the Bauers as soon as he entered the store.

The Romney campaign has now decided to reimburse the Bauers, the Des Moines Register reported. A campaign volunteer then came to the restaurant and put Romney on the cell phone so he could personally apologize to Dianne Bauer.