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"Obama Boy" announces his presidential crush in new YouTube video


US President Barack Obama



In 2007, actress Amber Lee Ettinger became famous as the "Obama Girl," after posting YouTube videos announcing her crush on then-Senator Barack Obama. Two years after her first video, called “I Got a Crush on Obama,” debuted, it garnered more than 13 million hits, the New York Times reported at the time

But now, Ettinger has serious competition: Obama Boy. Several days ago, an "Obama Boy" released his own video, declaring his own crush on Obama. So far, his video has 38,000 hits. 

"Obama Boy" is a Brooklyn-based artist named Justin Brown, Politico reported. On his Facebook page, he says he is a “Producer, Actor, Director and Writer at Seymore Films and the Maine Studios.” In his YouTube video, he announces his crush on Obama, as well has his support of Obama's new stance on gay marriage. 

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The lyrics include: "Barry you’re the finest candidate/I can’t wait to see you get hard on Romney in debate." 

The "Obama Boy" is making his internet debut at the right time: the "Obama Girl" announced earlier this week that her infatuation with the president has ended. Ettinger told the Daily Caller that she is not endorsing any candidate in the upcoming elections so far, and adds hat she is “not as excited as I was the last time, that’s for sure.”

Watch the Obama boy's video below: