Chatter: Bombs over Iraq kill dozens, wound hundreds




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Need to know:
Bomb attacks across Iraq
have killed at least 56 people and injured more than 100.
Explosions and shootings were reported in six Iraqi provinces, including ten different locations in Baghdad alone. Many of those killed were Shiite Muslims, gathering for a pilgrimage in honor of a holy saint's day. 
Today is the third day of attacks on Shiite pilgrims this week. Iraq's Sunni insurgency has long been targeting Shiites as they gather to mark religious events, and this year's pilgrimage comes amid tenser-than-ever relations between the Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish factions in Iraq's government.

Want to know:
The man accused of shooting dead three people in Auburn, Alabama, has handed himself in to police.

Desmonte Leonard, 22, turned himself in last night after a three-day manhunt. He is the main suspect in the Saturday night shooting, which left three Auburn University students dead and another three wounded.

Leonard, who faces three counts of capital murder, could appear in court today or later this week, police said.

Dull but important:
Gabrielle Giffords
' former aide will take over her seat in Congress for the remainder of her term.

Ron Barber, one of those wounded in the 2011 assassination attempt on Giffords, was handpicked by the former Democratic congresswoman to run as her successor when she resigned in January. 

In a special election yesterday, the voters of Arizona's Eighth District confirmed Giffords' choice. Early counts gave Barber about 52 percent of ballots compared to 45 percent for Republican rival Jesse Kelly.

Giffords' term is due to end on Dec. 31. Both Barber and Kelly have promised to run for a full term in the fall.

Just because:
Last month, Beijing began a campaign it says is meant to rein in a growing number of foreigners entering, working or residing in China illegally. Authorities are stopping non-Chinese on the street, sweeping neighborhoods where expatriates reside and requesting passports. Violators are threatened with fines, detention, even deportation.

According to Western media reports, the state is pushing ultra-nationalist sentiment at best – and xenophobia at worst. Some say it's a knee-jerk reaction to recent embarrassments such as the Bo Xilai scandal and Chen Guangcheng saga.

But other observers say the crackdown – planned since last year – is far from extraordinary. If anything, are foreigners simply being treated more like locals?

Strange but true:
Vanilla ice cream. Fudge. Caramel. And... bacon. Bacon on top, bacon for dipping. Bacon.

Those are the main ingredients of Burger King's new bacon sundae, fast food's latest experiment in what it can serve people without them collapsing on restaurant floors

The meaty ice cream manages to pack 510 calories, 18 grams of fat and 61 grams of sugar into one cup. It's been on trial in Tennessee since earlier this year and the good people of Nashville seem to like it, so it's yours to clog up your arteries with nationwide until Sept. 3.