Search resumes for Haitian migrants after boat capsizes


Capsizing boats is an unfortunately common problems for migrants traveling by boat to the US. In 2007, one man died after a sailboat carrying more than 100 Haitian migrants landed in Miami.


Joe Raedle

Police officials in the Bahamas say the search has resumed for at least 10 missing Haitians whose boat capsized as they headed to the US.

Eleven bodies have been found, and 13 people are still missing, after the boat, which was carrying Haitian migrants, capsized on its way to the United States, said the Coast Guard, CNN reported

According to Assistant Superintendent Loretta Mackey, the Coast Guard is assisting Bahamian authorities in the search off the island of Abaco. 

Mackey said that the local Haitian community in Abaco is helping the Coast Guard and other officials to identify bodies retrieved from the water, the Associated Press reported.

There were an estimated 28 Haitians on the 25-foot boat that set off on Sunday. According to the AP, the boat had engine trouble, took on water and then capsized.

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