Ali Hasan: Bahrain's youngest detainee released on bail


Bahrain's youngest detainee, Ali Hasan, 11, has been released on bail pending trial after being in jail for a month.



Ali Hasan, 11, labeled Bahrain's youngest detainee, has been released on bail pending his trial for participating in an illegal gathering.

Hasan was allowed to go home after spending a month in jail after being arrested on May 14 outside capital city Manama, reported BBC News. He has been ordered to appear in court again on June 20 to face charges, including joining an illegal gathering.

Authorities have also accused the boy, who they claim is actually 12, of burning tires at a roadblock, according to CNN. Defense attorney Mohsin Al-Alawi said he recently visited Hasan and that the boy insisted he didn't take part in any illegal gathering. Al-Alawi also said Hasan sobbed because he was tired and wanted to go home.

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Bahrain's chief prosecutors for juveniles, Noura Al-Khalifa, said Hasan was arrested for blocking the road with garbage containers and wood planks, reported Agence France-Presse. She also said he pleaded guilty and admitted he blocked the road repeatedly after police attempted to clear the blockade.

According to BBC, Al-Khalifa said Hasan claimed somebody paid he and his friends to do the task.

A month-long Shiite-led uprising was quashed in Bahrain last March, reported AFP. Demonstrations have heated up in the last few months, with protesters clashing with police. Amnesty International has said 60 people have been killed since protests started in February of last year.