Mubarak reportedly in 'full coma,' say Egyptian officials

Hosni Mubarak is reportedly in a full coma at Tora prison hospital in Cairo, Egypt's Interior Ministry announced Monday, according to CNN.

"Mubarak entered today into full coma," ministry spokesman Alaa Mahmoud told CNN. "His health has been deteriorating since the verdict, with high blood pressure, problems breathing, and irregular heartbeat."

Mubarak, 84, has slipped in and out of consciousness several times so far on Monday, NBC News reported, and was also reported to be slipping in and out of consciousness on Sunday, when he was visited by his wife Suzanne and the wives of his two sons, according to Reuters.

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Though the former Egyptian president's health has deteriorated rapidly since his conviction on June 2nd for killing pro-democracy demonstrators last year, there are conflicting reports coming from the region that say he is still awake. 

Brigadier General Mohamed Elewa, a spokesman for the prison department, told Bloomberg Businessweek in a telephone interview Monday that Mubarak had been revived twice with a defibrillator. 

BBC reporter Piers Scholfield also tweeted Monday that Mubarak was not in a coma: 

Though Mubarak's sons Alaa and Gamal were acquitted of corruption charges, both are currently serving time in prison after new charges were filed against them days before the June 2nd verdict, Bloomberg reported.

They have been moved to cells that are closer to their father, but efforts to have the former President moved to a hospital outside the prison have so far been denied, according to Bloomberg.

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“His heart has stopped as a result of the grave neglect in his treatment and failure to respond to our request since last Wednesday to transfer him to a military hospital,” Mubarak’s attorney, Farid ElDib, told Bloomberg by phone. “The hospital has no preparations to deal with such a case, but no one is responding to our request in order to appease the Muslim Brotherhood which wants to gloat, whether he is alive or dead.”

Around 200 Mubarak supporters protested outside Cairo's Tora prison on Saturday, to demand that he be moved, Reuters reported