Iran: price of bread skyrockets in Tehran


An Iranian baker displays loaves of bread at a bakery in central Tehran.


Atta Kenare

Iranian authorities increased the price of bread in Tehran by 33 percent, Bloomberg cited the country's state-run news agency as saying

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Tehran’s deputy governor for planning, Nematollah Torki, issued a report saying the popular Sangak loaf -- a whole-wheat sourdough flatbread that's a staple in Iranian cuisine -- will now cost 6,000 rials, or 49 cents, said Businessweek

Barbari, Taftoun and Lavash loaves will also see price hikes, said Bloomberg. The new prices go into effect today. 

Reuters cited French grain exporters' lobby members as saying on Friday that Iran will need 2 million tons of wheat over the next several months. The country has reportedly imported 3 million tons this year already. 

Iran's economy is struggling due to a raft of new sanctions hitting the country over its controversial nuclear program.