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Steven Colbert investigates the truth behind Sesame Street in Pakistan (VIDEO)


Sesame Street characters Cookie Monster, Ernie (center) and Bert (behind) at the fifth anniversary of Hollywood theme park Universal Studios Japan in Osaka.


Yoshikazu Tsuno

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) recently announced they were pulling their $20 million funding of Pakistan's Sesame Street program called Sim Sim Hamara. 

The BBC reported that USAID planned to donate $20 million to the Rafi Peer Theater Workshop in Pakistan for the group to create a local version of the popular children's show. However, after allegations of corruption arose, the group decided to cut the funding. 

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Pakistan Today reported that the theater company allegedly hired "blue-eyed" artists instead of Pakistanis, drove around USAID-donated cars for personal use, and used some of the USAID money to pay off old debts unrelated to the show. 

Now comedian Stephen Colbert is further investigating why the US is pulling funding. Colbert noted that Sesame Street Pakistan, “was our most successful deployment of a puppet in the region since Hamid Karzai.” Colbert suggests we sit Elmo down and figure out exactly what he knows.