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Scottish driver who blamed rampage on hormones jailed (VIDEO)

A Scottish woman who blamed her hormones for making her ram a pedestrian then drive with him clinging to the hood of her car through the streets has been jailed.

Suzanne Gilchrist, 37, a mother of one, rammed into laborer Stuart Morris, 22, as he crossed the road in downtown Falkirk last June, then took off with him clinging to her Ford Focus for 350 yards, the Scottish Sun reported.

A lawyer for Gilchrist, of Edinburgh, told the court: "She thought she was pregnant and was suffering hormonal imbalance."

However, according to the Express newspaper, prosecutor Emma White told Stirling Sheriff Court that Gilchrist had in fact been trying to get away from a security guard at the shopping center who wanted to confront her about an alleged theft.

The guard had reportedly tried to open her driver’s door and snatch her keys, but Gilchrist sped off.

CCTV footage then shows Gilchrist speeding through the street and Morris being forced to jump onto the hood of her car to avoid being hurt.

"She was driving really fast, swerving all over the road, and trying to force him off the bonnet," White reportedly said.

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After the incident, Morris was taken to hospital on a spinal board, given painkillers, and discharged.

The Scotsman quoted judge Wyllie Robertson as saying that the footage showed “vividly” how Gilchrist had put Morris’s life in danger.

He jailed her for four years and three months.

The Express quoted Morris as saying: "I saw her arguing with the guard then, as I crossed the road, bang, she hit me.

“If it’d been a child she hit, the child would have been killed, as they wouldn’t have been able to hang on. She deserved the jail. No one like that should be free.”