Enrique Pena Nieto and Angelica Rivera celebrate at a soccer match in Toluca, Mexico, on May 23, 2010.

Enrique Pena Nieto, considered a leading candidate to win Mexico’s presidential election, appears on a billboard for adultery website AshleyMadison.com, Reuters reported today.

The site uses a photo of Pena Nieto holding a finger to his lips with lipstick on his collar near text that reads, “Unfaithful to his family. Faithful and committed to his country.”

Nieto, the 45-year-old leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, has admitted to extramarital affairs.

He fathered two children with two different women while married to his first wife, Reuters said.

According to an Ashley Madison spokesman, Nieto’s past is well documented in Mexico.

After his first wife died in 2007, he married a popular soap opera star.

“It’s nothing new, and people knew about the adventures of Mr. Pena Nieto,” Ricardo Castaneda, CEO of Ashley Madison in Mexico, told GolpePolitico.com.

The billboard hangs over a busy street in Mexico City; others are planned for Guadalajara, Monterrey and Veracruz.

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Ashley Madison is an online dating service for married men and women that boasts “14,425,000 anonymous members” looking for “discreet encounters.”

Castaneda suggested Pena Nieto should have used the website to save himself grief.

“If Pena Nieto had used the services of Ashley Madison, nobody would have heard of his adultery,” he told GolpePolitico.com.

The presidential election is set for July 1.

According to a poll by newspaper Reforma, Pena Nieto enjoyed 29 percent support over leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador at 26 percent in May, The Associated Press reported.

Pena Nieto’s lead, however, slid about three percent from a month earlier.

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