Latin American politicos become love child poster boys


Who's your daddy? Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo.


Norberto Duarte

Fernando Lugo, the president of Paraguay, has a love child.

Wait … make that another love child.

A 10-year-old boy named Angel Zarate is the son of Narcisa de la Cruz de Zarate, a nurse, who claims that Lugo was the daddy, French news wire AFP reports. The president's lawyer says Lugo accepts responsibility.

It’s no biggie though because their questionable affair did not happen while Lugo was president, but sometime before. Around the time when he was a Roman Catholic bishop.

De la Cruz is the fourth woman in Paraguay to claim the president is the father of her child.

In 2009, Lugo admitted to fathering a boy named Guillermo Armindo after the child's mother accused Lugo of “irresponsible paternity,” according to the Associated Press.

CNN adds that after that incident, opposition politicians chided the priest-turned-president and called on the Vatican to excommunicate him.

Paraguay's politicos are not the only ones exposing personal sins.

Mexico is taking high-profile adultery and holding it high for all the public to see.

Mexican presidential front-runner Enrique Peña Nieto has some not-so-secret skeletons in his closet. He’s admitted to cheating on his first wife and fathering two children out of wedlock.

Now, Ashley Madison, a website dedicated to extramarital affairs, has capitalized on Peña’s peccadilloes with a new ad campaign. The service has some 300,000 users in Mexico, its fastest growing market, Reuters reports.

A new billboard for Ashley Madison has a photo of the presidential hopeful, holding a hushing finger over his lips, with the words: “Unfaithful to his family. Faithful and committed to his country.”

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