Baggies of typical "bath salts" are seen in Washington, DC.
Credit: Paul J. Richards

The bad news is that another face-eating attack has occurred, this time in Louisiana. The somewhat comforting news is that, unlike the gruesome cannibal attack in Miami, the attacker in this case appeared to just get one big bite in before the victim successfully fought him off.

Police say that Carl Jacquneaux and Todd Credeur already knew each other and hadn't been getting along, Shreveport Times reported. As Credeur was working in his front yard, he said that Jacquneaux, who appeared to be on some sort of drug, appeared and began attacking him. Jacquneaux then took a bite into Credeur's face. 

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KATC aired graphic photographs of Credeur following the incident. While Credeur's face remains intact, the picture shows a deep, bloody wound just above his cheekbone. 

"During the attack, the suspect bit a chunk of the victim's face off," Scott Assistant Police Chief Kert Thomas said, according to the Shreveport Times.

KATC reported that Credeur got rid of Jacquneaux by shooting wasp spray in his face. Jacquneaux left and went to another house, where he held a man at knife point. But Jacquneaux was arrested before he could seriously harm that man. Police say Jacquneaux could have been high on bath salts, but they won't know for sure because no one gave him a blood test before he was taken to jail. 

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