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Scientist charged with stealing research at a US lab


Jianyu Huang (pictured above), who was fired from Sandia Labs in April, has been charged with stealing research and sharing it with China.


Sandia National Laboratories

A scientist at Sandia Labs has been accused of stealing nanotechnology research and sharing it with China, US authorities said Tuesday.

Jianyu Huang, who was fired from the labs in April, will be arraigned next week on five counts of fraud and one count of making false statements.

The Associated Press reported that Huang claimed that nanotechnology belonging to the United States, which funds the Sandia Labs, was his own and that he shared data with state-run schools in China.

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He is also being accused of lying about the fact that he brought a lab-owned laptop to China, KRQE reported

Sandia employees are not allowed to bring lab equipment on international trips without approval.

Huang was fired for not following these procedures.

It was reported that Huang never had access to classified national security information, said the Associated Press.