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Prolonged, painful erection ignored by hospital staff, man sues


A man is suing a Connecticut hospital for ignoring his prolonged, painful erection for the Red Sox game.


Olivier Morin

A man is suing a Connecticut hospital claiming that doctors ignored his prolonged erection while watching the Red Sox game on television.

Daren Scott, a bus driver in Brockton, Mass. who has a condition called recurrent priapism, which causes long-lasting painful erections, is suing Yale-New Haven hospital for $2 million.

The condition requires immediate medical attention or tissue damage could occur.

The Associated Press reported that Scott was driving customers from Boston to New York on April 17, 2009 when the incident occured.

He had dropped off customers and was driving back through New Haven when he pulled into the hospital to seek treatment.

Scott alleged that the hospital postponed treatment for hours while doctors watched the Red Sox game, said the Daily Caller.

He eventually underwent an operation to stop permanent tissue damage, which was said to be unsuccessful, said Gawker.

Right or wronged, the case will not be heard as the statute of limitations has already expired.