Magnotta may have mailed body parts to schools


Canadian police and Interpol issued arrest warrants for Luke Rocco Magnotta after discovering a headless torso stuffed inside a locked suitcase outside his Montreal apartment building.


Luka Rocco Magnotta may have struck again — even as he awaits extradition to Canada from his German jail cell — after two Vancouver schools received body parts in the mail on Tuesday.

The exclusive St. George's boys school received a foot, and False Creek Elementary received a hand, with the afternoon mail, the National Post reported.

“The focus of our investigation is to identify the victim and from where the packages were mailed,” Vancouver deputy police Chief Warren Lemcke said, according to the Post.

A coroner is examining the body parts for links with nearly identical deliveries to political offices in Ottawa at the end of May.

Magnotta, the 29-year-old self-described gay porn actor and accused kitten killer, is the only suspect in a sordid murder case involving a Chinese student in Montreal.

A janitor discovered Jun Lin's headless corpse inside a suitcase outside Magnotta's apartment building on May 29.

At nearly the same time, the Conservative Party of Canada office in Ottawa received a severed human foot in the mail.

Canada Post tracked another package to a sorting facility in Ottawa containing a human hand; it was addressed to the Liberal Party of Canada.

Magnotta fled Canada for Paris on May 29, a few days after police believe Lin was killed.

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A secretary received the package at False Creek school on Tuesday, The Globe and Mail reported.

The school's principal said he can't remember seeing a return address, and the package wasn't addressed to anyone in particular.

Despite the gruesome discovery, "I think everyone is OK here," Bruce Murton told the Globe.

"It was a suspicious, smelly package," he added.

Magnotta faces numerous charges, including murder, upon his return to Montreal.

German police arrested him in Berlin on Monday after a nine-day, international man hunt.

After video of the alleged killing surfaced online, police admitted publicly for the first time Tuesday a cloaked figure in the video might have eaten parts of the victim, the Montreal Gazette said.

Magnotta earned the nickname "Canadian Psycho" because music from the film "American Psycho" played in the video, where a blindfolded man is attacked and killed with an ice pick and knife.

There was also scenes in the video of someone performing sex acts on the corpse. 

Police found other body parts in the trash outside Magnotta's apartment, but admitted Lin's foot, hand and head are still missing.

While police said definitively the Ottawa and Montreal body parts belonged to Lin, they will wait for forensic testing before making further announcements.

"We’re working closely with the postal services to see if there could have been something (else) shipped,” police Cmndr. Ian Lafreniere told the Gazette.

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