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Diamond Jubilee: Jon Stewart lampoons jubilee coverage (VIDEO)


Queen Elizabeth II is seen during the Diamond Jubilee carriage procession after the service of thanksgiving at St.Paul’s Cathedral on the Mall on June 5, 2012 in London, England. For only the second time in its history the UK celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of a monarch.


Dan Kitwood

Have you heard that it's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee?

Of course you have, it's all anyone can talk about. At least, it's all the American media can talk about.

Jon Stewart was one of the first to point out that American media outlets are getting a bit overzealous with jubilee coverage and compared the latest royal event to the very over-hyped wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.


Stewart wasn't alone in thinking the coverage was over the top.

Jezebel writer Madeleine Davies also directed her disdain for jubilee coverage towards US media outlets, pointing out that their mainly American audience has little understanding or appreciation for the Queen's reign. "American morning news shows like the Today Show and Good Morning America will not shut their makeup-caked faces up about it. And it's not just the occasional feature on the Queen celebrating a monumental year on the throne. No, it's a daily segment covering every detail of a festival We, The People could not be less involved in."

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However British writer and actor Stephen Fry proved we may have more in common with our friends across the pond then we previously thought. He Tweeted, "Has the BBC ever presented a more mind-numbingly tedious programme in its history?"

The BBC did not take the criticism lying down. In a statement a spokesman said, "We're very proud of the quality and breadth of the BBC's coverage of this extraordinary event."

Twitter erupted with reactions both positive and negative on the jubilee coverage:

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