Chatter: US drones aimed at Al Qaeda's Number 2?




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Need to know:
US officials have indicated that their latest drone strike in Pakistan aimed to kill Al Qaeda's second in command.

Between 14 and 16 people were reported dead in yesterday's strike on a suspected militant compound in North Waziristan. It's not yet known if Abu Yahya al-Libi was among them. 

Libyan-born Libi is believed to risen to the number-two spot in Al Qaeda following the death of Osama bin Laden last year. His death, if confirmed, would represent a "major blow" to the terror group, according to one unnamed US official. 

Pakistan, meanwhile, says US drone strikes on its territory are illegal and "totally counterproductive."

Want to know:
In Libya, government forces have recaptured Tripoli Airport after armed militia occupied the runway.

The Libyan authorities regained control of the airport last night, according to the Interior Ministry, and arrested dozens of gunmen who'd taken it hostage. Officials described the militia as "saboteurs."

The attackers are reportedly members of an armed brigade whose leader disappeared two days ago. They apparently targeted the airport to demand his release from the hands of Tripoli's security forces. It's not known whether the government consented.

Dull but important:
The governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, faces a recall election later today that's expected to provide a preview of the presidential election in November.

Walker, a Republican, is up against Milwaukee mayor and Democrat Tom Barrett. He is only the third US governor ever to face a recall vote. Almost a million people signed a petition to demand it, after Walker passed legislation limiting workers' collective bargaining rights.

Wisconsin's battle is being billed as the national debate over budget balancing and economic recovery writ small. If Wisconsin, a swing state, goes red tonight, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus says, "I think it's lights out for Barack Obama."

Just because:
Are we soon to see a "kid-friendly" Facebook? It's in the works, according to the tech rumor mill.

Anyone who thinks the social networking site isn't already appealing to children has obviously never received a Farmville request. This is more about appealing to parents: Facebook's labs are testing new tools that would allow parents to link their child's account to their own, or to monitor who their kids "friend" and which apps they download.

Everyone knows that children are the future. Is Facebook, still reeling from a disastrous IPO and struggling to convince advertisers, looking to open a new and powerful market?

Strange but true:
Interpol's most-wanted list just got one shorter: Canada's alleged killer porn star is in custody.

He's known as Luka Rocco Magnotta, "Canadian Psycho," "The Dismemberer," "Creepy McCreeperson" (ok, that last one's just ours). He's currently being held in the German capital, Berlin, where police arrested him yesterday in an internet cafe. It seems he went there to read news reports about himself (hi, Luka!).

Magnotta will appear in court, behind closed doors, later today. He's expected to be extradited to Canada as soon as possible to face murder charges.