A previously unknown YouTube account uploaded a video in which a group identifying itself as LulzSec pledges to dumped more than three terabytes of data onto the web that it says was hacked from the US State Department, the FBI, the US military, Syrian government emails, Colombian prisons, millions of unattributed emails, and “even more.”

While the authenticity of the video is somewhat questionable, Twitter account AnonymousIRC, an account closely linked with the Anonymous collective, and the official Wikileaks Twitter account both posted links to the video. 

A few hours later, however, AnonymousIRC tweeted its desire to never bring back LulzSec out of respect for Jake “Topiary” Davis, a hacker associated with the Anonymous and LulzSec collectives arrested last year.

“No, we do not want to bring back @Lulzsec. That would be an insult to @atopiary. No true Anon would try. But remember, remember #Anonymous,” read the tweet.

The video has yet to be tied to LulzSec Reborn, credited with hacks carried out against militarysingles.net and CSS Corp earlier this year.

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