Eaton Centre shooting: 1 dead, 7 injured at Toronto mall (UPDATES)

One person is dead and another seven are injured after a man opened fire in a busy food court in Toronto's Eaton Centre.

Toronto police's Constable Victor Kwong said a 25-year-old male was pronounced dead on the scene at the downtown shopping mall, reported CBC News. The other victims include a 20-year-old male in critical condition, a 13-year-old male in critical condition, two females in serious condition, one male in serious condition, a pregnant female who went into labor after being knocked down, and a female grazed by a bullet.

The Toronto Star is now reporting that Police Chief Bill Blair told reporters it looked like a targeted shooting — likely directed at the man who died — where bystanders were also hit.

"The nature of those wounds do indicate that that individual was targeted," Blair said to CBC.

The shooter is still at large, and Blair also said the investigation is still in its beginning stages.

"I want my officers to have the time to gather all of the evidence," he said, according to CBC, adding that investigators will obtain footage from security cameras in the mall and speak to witnesses that come forward. "The wanton disregard for the lives and safety of fellow citizens [is] shocking to us."

According to MSN News, the shooting occurred at 6:30 p.m. local time in the basement level food court near the Queen Street East and Yonge Street entrance.

Multiple police and EMS crews rushed to the scene and a command post has been set up at the intersection outside the entrance where the shooting took place, reported the Star.

One of the first to report the shooting via Twitter was Toronto Blue Jays player Brett Lawrie.

"Pretty sure someone just let off a round bullets in eaton center mall .. Wow just sprinted out of the mall ... Through traffic ...," he wrote.

Numerous other tweets claimed ten to twelve gunshots were fired, according to the Toronto Sun.

Marcus Neves-Polonio, a 19-year-old busser at the food court, said he witnessed someone being shot in the chest, reported The Globe and Mail. He said the scene became "mayhem" as people scattered and ran for the doors. He ducked under a table.

"I just hoped he wouldn't go in my direction," he told the Globe. "I easily could have been shot, too."

This isn't the first shooting the Eaton Centre has scene. On December 26, 2005, 15-year-old Jane Creba was killed on Yonge Street just north of the mall. According to the Sun, six others were also injured in the Boxing Day shooting.

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