Ghana: Cargo plane crashes into bus full of passengers


The first trip sent 51 volunteers to Ghana in 1961. Today, Ghana continues to be a destination for Peace Corps.


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A cargo plane crashed into a bus in Ghana today after overshooting the runway. The bus was full of at least 10 passengers, and they all died, the Associated Foreign Press reported. Ghana Vice President John Dramani Mahama said that officials will conduct an investigation to figure out why the crash occurred, and warned reporters not to draw any "early conclusions," according to the AFP.

"I closed from work, walking home in the rain, only to see the plane falling and people in the Benz bus crashed to death," a witness told the AFP.

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The crash occurred in Accra near the Kotoka International Airport. The plane first smashed through a fence surrounding the runway before the tragic accident occurred, Al Jazeera reported. The plane, a Boeing 727-200, was operated by a Nigerian company called Allied Air.  

Before this accident, Ghana had previously had a good safety record with airplanes, BBC News reported