Severed hand, foot in mail came from headless torso


Police remove a severed foot from the Conservative Party of Canada offices in Montreal on Tuesday.


Ottawa Citizen

A severed foot mailed to a Canadian political party in Ottawa and a severed hand awaiting delivery in that city came from a headless torso in Montreal, police said today.

Further autopsy findings, as well as a suspect profile, are expected later today.

Police said they believe the body parts are from one victim, a male.

“All indications are that these are from the same body,” a police spokeswoman told Postmedia News. “We are still waiting for final (test) results.”

On Tuesday morning, a political staffer for the Conservative Party of Canada alerted her superiors to a suspicious package in the morning mail.

The receptionist began to open the box when she noticed blood, and notified Jenni Byrne, campaign manager for Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

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“It was opened, Ms. Byrne examined it, saw the blood and smelled the odor and made the decision to call police,” the Conservative Party’s Fred DeLorey told The Globe and Mail. “It was such a horrible odor; I’m sure many of us will not forget it.”

Police later traced a similar package to a Canada Post sorting facility in Ottawa, the Canadian capital, and found a hand inside.

Both belong to a torso found inside a suitcase on Tuesday in Montreal, where the body parts were mailed from.

A janitor made the grisly discovery among some garbage outside the building where he worked.

“I noticed flies, and when I looked closer I saw maggots,” Mike Nadeau told the National Post. “I got a friend and we got some cutters because there was a little lock on the suitcase. What I saw when we opened it is hard to describe. There was no head and (the torso) was all grey.”

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