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Portland couple's lip-dub marriage proposal goes viral (VIDEO)


Portland-based actor Isaac Lamb proposed to his girlfriend, dancer Amy Frankel, with the help of 60 friends, a moving car, two video cameras, and a lip-dub.



Isaac Lamb, a 31-year-old Portland-based actor, wanted to wow his girlfriend Amy with his proposal, just like any man. 

He just didn't expect it go viral. 

Lamb, whose now-fiancé Amy Frankel, 33, is a dancer with a Broadway background, roped 60 of his friends and family into a choreographed lip-dub to Bruno Mars' "Marry Me."

Since his May 23 proposal, the video has gone viral online, getting over 1.5 million views, with some sites citing views closer to 6 million, Portland's News Channel 5 reported.

"To be honest it’s a little overwhelming," Lamb told the Oregonian. "I'm really, really, really touched by how positive people’s reactions have been. The love I genuinely feel for my fiancé has touched other people. I never expected this and I’m really amazed by the response. My intention was never to make a viral video." 

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The video begins with Lamb's brother sitting Amy on the floor of a Honda’s open hatchback, looking out the back, as he puts headphones on her so that she can listen to a song that "really exemplifies your and Isaac's relationship," he says.

As Time Magazine eloquently explains: "What follows is a big, happy festival of worryingly confident people of all ages and sartorial penchants (wow, look at that girl in the pink dress shimmy) lip-syncing and dancing before her, as Bruno Mars’ song “Marry You”, plays over Frankel’s headphones. There are also dancing Jews and what appears to be an entire marching band." 

Amy's giggles are the constant compliment to the performance.

“I was speechless all night,” Frankel, who said yes, told the Today show's Ann Curry on Tuesday. “We had a party afterwards with everyone who was there, and I just stood there dumbfounded the whole night. It was just amazing.”

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The couple have received messages of love and admiration from as far away as New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and Uganda, the Today show reported.

Even the song's singer Bruno Mars got in on the congratulations

“It’s really powerful for me to know that they’ve responded to something that I think is really genuine,” Lamb said on the Today show. “I think people see the love I have for her, the love that we all have for Amy … it’s really moving to know that it’s touched so many people’s lives.”