Roméo Langlois: Video of kidnapped journalist released by FARC

Venezuelan TV network Telesur broadcast Monday the first video images of French journalist Roméo Langlois, who was captured a month ago by Colombia's FARC rebels.

The video was handed over the day after FARC set a release date for Langlois, according to BBC News.

The Associated Press reported that it was taken by rebels two hours after Langlois, 35, surrendered on April 28, and shows the France 24 journalist seated and covered with a white towel, having his left arm sutured for a bullet wound and answering questions from a female guerrilla amicably.

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"Go ahead, ask me more questions if you like. ... It's weird, I usually ask the questions because I'm the journalist, but it's ok," Langlois said to the female FARC member in the video, according to Reuters. "The government has never been fond of me, because I've always gone to both sides, to gather the opinion of everyone."

Langlois was on a reporting trip for France 24,with military troops who were destroying cocaine laboratories in the Caqueta region when he is said to have taken off his protective vest and helmet and walked toward the FARC rebels, reported BBC. He is due to be handed over on Wednesday to an international committee that has been in negotiations with FARC members.