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Frontline: Inside Al-Qaeda's Stronghold in Yemen


Al-Qaeda is trying to hold territory in a town in Yemen. (Photo:


Manya Gupta

In Yemen, there is no doubt that the government has a huge terrorism problem.

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Recent political instability has weakened the Yemeni government's hold on its territory.

The local al-Qaeda affiliate has taken advantage of that grabbing control of much of southern Yemen.

The US government has stepped up its drone strikes there, but southern Yemen remain an al-Qaeda stronghold.

After months of negotiations with the militants, reporter Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, and director Safa Alahmad of our partner Frontline were able to enter the al-Qaeda region. The documentary "Al-Qaeda in Yemen" airs on PBS tonight.

Anchor Marco Werman talks to Alahmad who says it was unnerving to be under the constant watch of al-Qaeda handlers.