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Gordon Ramsay chopped at celebrity soccer match (VIDEO)


Teddy Sheringham checks on Gordon Ramsay after they clashed during the Soccer Aid fundraiser for Unicef at Old Trafford on May 27, 2012, in Manchester, England.


Nathan Cox

Gordon Ramsay’s victims just became huge Teddy Sheringham fans.

The foul-mouthed celebrity chef – who berates staff and guests on TV shows such as Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef – received a taste of his own medicine, as medics needed a stretcher to remove him from a charity soccer match in Manchester, England, on Sunday.

Ramsay, 45, even needed hospital care when Sheringham – a former pro and World Cup veteran – smashed into him during the Soccer Aid fundraiser in front of thousands and a live TV audience.

On Twitter, Ramsay wrote today:

Early in the second half, Ramsay tried to control a high, bouncing ball when Sheringham came through him from behind, catching him with an elbow in the back and a knee to the thigh.

It looked terrible – a shocking mistake from a former professional player – although Ramsay appeared to be laughing as he tried to recover on the turf.

Could it be Sheringham doesn’t enjoy Ramsay’s no-nonsense approach to food?

Or maybe he was exacting revenge for a teammate.

Ramsay received a yellow card for getting into an argument earlier in the game with another player.

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Ramsay is no slouch on the pitch, though, so perhaps Sheringham was just trying to eliminate a threat.

A knee injury derailed Ramsay’s professional career, forcing him into cooking.

For a short time, he played for the fabled Glasgow Rangers youth team, The Daily Record reported.

Medics at the game treated Ramsay for six minutes before taking him to hospital for precautionary reasons, the Record said.

The match also included Hollywood heavyweights Will Ferrell, Ed Norton, Mike Myers, Gerard Butler, Woody Harrelson and James McAvoy.

The celebrities and former pros raised more than $6 million for UNICEF.

Robbie Williams captained England to a 3-1 win over Ramsay and Rest of the World.

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