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Escaped monkey wreaks havoc on Air China flight at JFK


An Orangutan baby practices some gymnastics.


Roland Weihrauch

An escaped money wreaked havoc for a Beijing-bound Air China flight from New York on Thursday afternoon, holding up the plane for almost four hours, the New York Post reported

The monkey was one of about 50 to 60 animals being shipped to China for medical research, police sources told the Post.

“He was a slippery little beast,” one source said of the foot-tall primate, who got out of his enclosure in the plane's cargo hold. 

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Port Authority emergency service officers and a JFK worker eventually caught the monkey and got him back aboard the plane, which had been scheduled to leave JFK's Terminal 1 at 4:50 p.m., according to the Daily Mail

However, the Daily Mail speculated that passengers aboard the flight remained oblivious to the monkey chase going on below their Boeing 747. As Orlando Magic basketball player JJ Redick, who believes he was on the flight, tweeted on Friday: 

Some were more disappointed with the Post's coverage of the incident than how officials handled it. The Atlantic Wire's Adam Martin had some headline suggestions for the New York-based tabloid's story: "How about 'Monkey Goes Bananas at JFK' or 'Barrel Full of Monkeys Actually No Fun' or 'Monkeys on a Plane' or 'Primate Makes Gate Late.' Are these perfect? No, but at least we're making an effort." 

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