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Don't mess with the internet, Lamar Smith



When SOPA architect Lamar Smith looks out of his San Antonio office window, he will now be reminded of the internet’s outrage over his efforts to regulate it.

Fight for the Future, a nonprofit “working to expand the internet’s powers for good” has purchased a billboard emblazoned with the message, “Don’t mess with the internet,” just outside of Lamar Smith’s Texas office. Satirizing the popular “Don’t mess with Texas” mantra, the organization is attempting to jar the memories of anti-SOPA voters as they go to the polls this November.

“SOPA sponsor Lamar Smith came close to destroying the internet we love (it took the largest online protest in history to stop him). So we thought it would be awesome if the internet sent Lamar a message, in the form of a billboard right outside his Texas office,” read the organizations website.

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However, as Reddit users noted, the billboard used by Fight for the Future is owned by Clear Channel Communications, Lamar Smith’s single largest contributor. Perhaps now the Congressman chuckles a bit at the web when peering out of his office window instead of being shaken by an internet that wants to destroy him.

In a further ironic contribution, a second billboard purchased by the organization is owned by the Lamar Advertising Company. With the name of the company on the lower portion of the second billboard, it reads, “Don’t mess with the internet…Lamar.”

Something so rich in irony, coincidencem and lulz could only be born of the internet.

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