Alvaro Uribe: Bomb found in Argentina theater before ex-Colombian president was to speak


Colombia's former President Alvaro Uribe delivers a speech at the international seminar, 'Latin America: Opportunities and Challenges' in Lima on March 20, 2012.



Authorities found and deactivated a bomb Tuesday at a theater in Buenos Aires where former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe was to deliver a speech.

"During an inspection, security personnel found the bomb in a lamp in the theater. It is of the type activated by cell phone," a judicial source said to the National Post.

Uribe, Colombia's president from 2002 to 2010, was known for his tough law-and-order policies, according to the Post. He was in Argentina's capital city to deliver a speech on Wednesday at the Grand Rex theater.

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Earlier in the week, a group of leftists and Colombians living in Argentina said the organizers of the symposium where Uribe was to speak were falsely presenting him as a peacemaker in order to Colombia more attractive to foreign investment, reported Fox News. The coalition accused him of committing "the most atrocious crimes" and blamed him for unlawful military killings and making peace with right-wing militias who committed thousands of murders.

According to Al Jazeera reporter Lucia Newman, no one has claimed responsibility for the bomb yet but that "Uribe has a whole array of enemies."

"The former Colombian president has one of the world's most extensive security outfits to protect him against his adversaries."