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'Monster of Riga' Dutch pedophile sentenced to 18 years in jail

A Latvian-born Dutch pedophile dubbed “The Monster of Riga” by the Netherlands press has been sentenced to 18 years in prison for abusing more than 60 children, some of whom were just a few months old.

Identified as Robert M due to Dutch privacy laws, the 29-year-old man abused dozens of extremely young children in two Amsterdam nurseries and at homes where he was babysitting, and then posted videos and images of the acts on the Internet, according to the BBC.

He was convicted of abusing 67 victims, though he confessed to more. His arrest at the end of 2010 following a US investigation into an international pedophile ring deeply shocked the Netherlands.

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In court on Monday M shouted, threw a glass of water and made obscene gestures at the presiding judge, who said the accused’s expressions of remorse were not credible and would be given no weight in sentencing, according to the Associated Press. The man has also been sentenced to indefinite treatment in a psychiatric institution, while his partner, Richard van O, was sentenced to six years in jail for complicity in M’s crimes.

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