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Man caught swallowing 42 cocaine-filled condoms


Airport security alerted police to a suspicious man who later admitted to swallowing 42 liquid cocaine-filled condoms.


Canada Border Services Agency

Police arrested a man trying to smuggle 42 liquid cocaine-filled condoms in his stomach as he tried to board a flight to Sydney, Australia, from Vancouver.

Airport security became suspicious when the man fumbled routine questions, and brought him into an interview room for further examination, the Canada Border Services Agency announced this week.

Agents suspected he’d swallowed drugs, took him to hospital and waited for nature to take its course.

“This seizure highlights the vigilance of our border services officers, as their training and experience led them to intercept a significant amount of suspected illegal drugs, even when such drastic concealment methods were used,” CBSA acting director Ken Macpherson said in a press release.

The drugs amounted to about 1.26 kg (or about 2.77 pounds)

The attempted smuggling happened on April 26, but Canada Border Services Agency just released the information this week.

This is the third high-profile Canadian case in the last month involving suspects swallowing evidence.

A 52-year-old man swallowed a $20,000 diamond in Windsor, Ont., on May 10.

Security cameras caught Richard Mackenzie Matthews swallowing the stone at a jewelry store.

Police are still waiting for the stone to pass, the Toronto Star reported on Thursday.

“He is making every effort possible as are we,” Sgt. Brett Corey said.

Matthews is inside a “dry cell” with no plumbing, only a bucket.

Late last month, a hang-gliding pilot swallowed the memory card from his on-board camera after a passenger fell to her death on a tandem flight.

Willam Orders faces multiple charges, including obstruction of justice, in the death of Lenami Godinez-Avila near Agassiz, BC.

“I disclosed to the police myself shortly afterwards what I had done with the memory card,” Orders said during a press conference, according to the Globe and Mail. “From that point on, I offered my full co-operation in ensuring the retrieval of the card.”

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