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Engineer says Star Trek's Enterprise could be built in 20 years for $1 trillion


A model of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D is seen during a press preview of "40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection" at Christie's autction house September 29, 2006 in New York City.


Mario Tama

According to a systems and electrical engineer, Star Trek's USS Enterprise could be built within 20 years, if we really put in the effort.

The engineer, who goes by BTE Dan, launched the site just this week, according to The Christian Science Monitor.

The timeline on the website suggested that the first nine years could be dedicated to research, testing and creating blueprints. The next 11 years would be dedicated to development and manufacturing and by the 20th year the ship would be ready to launch with full crew and supplies, reported Yahoo News.

According to The Week, the ship would run on nuclear power, and exert gravity on the passengers by using a rotating gravity-wheel.

"Three additional nuclear reactors would supply auxiliary power for things like lasers, which would allow the craft to sear through a prospective moon's icy crust and plop down safely in its oceans," said The Week.

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The Christian Science Monitor said the hypothetical Enterprise would be able to reach the moon in three days and Mars in ninety days. It would function as a spaceship, a space station, and a spaceport and be able to carry a thousand people.

Yahoo News said the estimated cost would equal $1 trillion.

Discovery reported just two days ago that physicists Ronan Keane of Western Reserve Academy and Wei-Ming Zhang of Kent State University said their computer simulations of highly efficient magnetic nozzles, one component of an antimatter propulsion engine, should be far more efficient than was previously thought.

Though an antimatter propulsion engine is still beyond the scope of current technology (Discovery said antimatter could only be produced by large accelerators like CERN), Trekkies are still abuzz.

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