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Tuberculosis man charged for not taking meds


A California man is charged with non-compliance in his treatment for potentially deadly and highly contagious tuberculosis.


San Joaquin County District Attorney's Office

A California man was arrested Tuesday for not complying with his treatment for highly contagious tuberculosis (TB).

Armando Rodriguez, 34, was charged with refusing to comply with a tuberculosis order to remain at home and take medications, according to San Joaquin County Public Health officials.

“He is noncompliant with his tuberculosis treatment and because of this there is a danger that he may become contagious and/or develop multidrug resistant tuberculosis,” said Ginger Wick, a nursing director for San Joaquin County, in a letter, according to the Associated Press.

Fox40 reported that officials said that Rodriguez had put the entire community at risk.

Health officials asked Stockton police to arrest him.

Mandatory treatment for illness and prosecution of patients who do not comply remains controversial

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Tuberculosis is a bacterical disease that infects the lungs.

Symptoms can include coughing up phlegm and blood.

There are about 12,000 cases of the illness in the US each year, with 8.8 million becoming infected worldwide each year.

The Associated Press reported that Rodriguez is expected to be arraigned Thursday on two misdemeanor counts.