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Man swallows $20,000 diamond and police wait for him to pass it


A Canadian man allegedly swallowed a diamond worth $20,000 (not pictured) and has been held by the police for more than a week while they wait for him to pass it.


Jeff J Mitchell

That's one way to put your money where your mouth is.

A Canadian man suspected of swallowing a diamond is being held by the police until it passes through his system, according to the BBC.

The 1.7-carat diamond, valued at $20,000, was allegedly swapped by Richard Matthews for a fake one, while he swallowed the real one.

Sgt. Brett Corey told the Associated Press on Thursday that an x-ray showed a pair of fake diamonds also inside Matthews, though the real diamond was not detected because it is translucent.

Corey told the Toronto Star, "He is making every effort possible as are we," to pass the diamond.

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The 52-year-old Matthews was arrested at Precision Jewelers on May 10, and surveillance video showed him swallowing the diamond.

The Toronto Star reported that Matthews is being held in a "dry cell" with no available plumbing, only a bucket. Each time he... goes... the contents are examined to find the gem.

The BBC said initially Matthews was fed a fiber-rich diet, but now is eating whatever he wants in hopes that he will pass the diamond.

Matthews has been charged with theft and breaching his probation, according to the Toronto Star.

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