Rumors abound that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is pregnant with a royal heir.
Credit: Chris Jackson

The Duchess Effect is a well documented phenomenon surrounding Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

In February GlobalPost noted the growing effect Kate had on the fashion world. It was then that the Global Language Monitor reported that "The Duchess Effect" was the number one fashion phrase for two years running.

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Their report said, "The Duchess Effect appears to extend much further than the economic impact of Kate’s fashion choices; this year the fashion landscape seems to be a brighter, more accessible place with the styles more colorful, feminine and graceful than we’ve observed in many years. Fashion is now being influenced from all points on the globe, with the rise of the regional fashion centers driving tribal, sustainable and eco-based trends."

The infographic by Grazia is further proof that anything Kate Middleton touches turns to gold.

Now it seems Kate may be the PR power the London Olympics is looking for.

The Global Language Monitor reported, "The GLM Brand Affiliation Index (BAI), when linked with London 2012, Kate Middleton had a closer brand affiliation that a number of top sponsors including Coke, Adidas, BA and Panasonic, among others."

This finding suggests the Kate Middleton brand could be valued at nearly a billion dollars or more, just in relationship to the Summer Games.

To find these numbers GLM measured the strength of the brand affiliation for each official Olympic sponsor against those of their primary non-affiliated competitors.

Kate Middleton is non-affiliate as she is an acting London Games ambassador, however she is not a paying sponsor. Kate is perceived by the public to be associated with the Olympics because of her presence in the global media, and is statistically linked to the games, said the GLM.

The Duchess doesn't seem to be fazed by her new status as a taste maker. She even spent a day earlier this week shopping on London's High Street, reportedly staying low-key and even shopping on the sale rack.

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