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Sex toys inspired by the GOP candidates


Screenshot of Epler's video about his project, The Grand Old Party.



Matthew Epler, a master's candidate at New York University, has invented a fun new way of interacting with the GOP Gallup poll numbers.

His project titled, "The Grand Old Party" marries Gallup poll numbers and your bedroom activity.

In the video explaining his project Epler said, "Grand Old Party is a data visualization of voter approval rates amongst registered Republicans for each of the GOP candidates." He added, "They are also butt plugs."

According to Gizmodo, "To make them, Epler culled data from Gallup's website and used it to create line graphs that represent the fluctuating vote-approval rating of each GOP candidate. Longer plug = longer campaign. Next, the line graphs were imported into a 3D program that turns them into renderings of solid shapes, then a prototype of each one was 3D printed."

On his site Epler added, "The height is a measurement of time, began December 10, 2011, and ended on April 1, 2012 (bottom to top). The width of each object is the quantity by percentage (out of 100%) of approval for that candidate."

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Epler told Wired the project was inspired by an errant X-rated pop-up ad.

“I took one look at the plug in profile and thought, ‘Hey, that’s a line graph,’" Epler said. “Santorum came to mind, and from there, the rest took care of itself.”

Hypervocal isn't sure if the Republican candidates would see the humor in Epler's cheeky project. They said, "These stiff but resilient candidates, who all work tirelessly to regulate your sex life, would find it quite cheeky to turn their hard data into prostate-stimulating dildos. Especially Santorum. Santorum would be all over this."

The Democrats have no need to feel left out. In 2010 a company released the "Head O State." There is another titled "The Obamarator" which measures 8 and a half inches. We'll let you Google those yourself.

While the idea is funny, Epler's philosophy is sincere. At the end of his video he says, "Democrat or Republican, voting should feel good."