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I'll Have Another looking for second win at Preakness


I'll Have Another on a practice run at Pimlico Race Course on May 16, 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland.


Rob Carr

All eyes will be on I'll Have Another this Saturday at the Preakness.

The horse went from complete underdog to all out contender to take the Triple Crown after finishing first in the Kentucky Derby.

Prior to the Derby, I'll Have Another's chances of taking home the win were at 30-1 odds. He was placed in gate 19, which had never produced a winning horse before.

But with an extremely impressive end stretch he was able to beat out the favored Bodemeister to become the only horse with a chance at taking home the Triple Crown.

The horse is not the only one feeling the heat. Trainer Doug O’Neill is also feeling the pressure and having to answer tough questions about his past.

According to the Baltimore Sun, O'Neill doesn't exactly have a clean record when it comes to racing. He has been accused of "milkshaking" horses four times over his career.

Milkshaking, according to, is the process of inserting a tube into a horse's nostril, directing it to the stomach and feeding the animal a baking-soda solution in the hope of helping it run faster.

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"We play by the rules,” O'Neill told the Baltimore Sun. “We run pure horses.”

O'Neill is currently fighting previous charges.

O'Neill told the Boston Herald, he would like to get past the charges and only focus on both the race he won, and the race to come. "I would love to sit down when everything calms down and address all the stuff from the past," O’Neill said. "For right now we’re just pumped and excited about the Preakness."

As for his horse, I'll Have Another has been taking it slow and steady to the Preakness this Saturday. They opted out of practice on Tuesday. O'Neill told, "He's so fit, he's doing so well, I just decided to walk all the horses this morning. I'm glad I did. We all enjoy a day off from time to time. They all got a day off and the weather forecast is nice starting tomorrow through the weekend, so we can get right back to normal training tomorrow."

O'Neill shared more about how he is enjoying his time in the limelight with WBAL in this video.

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