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Tokyo Disney allows same-sex fairytale weddings


Mickey Mouse and Disney characters greet guests to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Tokyo DisneySea at Urayasu city, suburban Tokyo on September 4, 2011. Tokyo Disney said same-sex couples would be welcome to hold their fairytale weddings at the resorts, even though Japan does not recognize same-sex marriages.



Mickey Mouse has given his blessings to same-sex couples wanting a fairytale wedding at Tokyo Disney.

When Koyuki Higashi, 27, called to ask about getting married to her female partner at the Tokyo Disney Resort, a member of the staff reportedly said there would be no problem, as long as they dressed "like a man and a woman," explaining that having two brides in wedding dresses or two grooms in tuxedoes would create "repercussions" among the visitors who would be watching, reported AFP.

Japanese newspaper Mainichi reported that when Higashi posted the exchange on Twitter, it triggered a backlash, with people disappointed in Tokyo Disney's response.

A week later, Higashi was contacted by resort officials who said that same-sex couples could hold wedding ceremonies in the park wearing the same outfits. An official from the resort said, "Even though same-sex marriages are not legally permitted, we reached the decision that wedding ceremonies can take place," according to Mainichi.

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A spokeswoman for a subsidiary of Tokyo Disney Resort told AFP, "We have never refused an application for a same-sex wedding at hotels here."

According to The Japan Daily Press, Disney in the US had been allowing same-sex couples to wed since 2007.

Higashi and her bride-to-be, Hiroko, visited Tokyo Disney and gave Mickey Mouse the good news.

"Mickey first looked surprised to hear that we are a 'couple of girls'," wrote Higashi, "But we said we were there to thank him because same-sex weddings can be held at the Disney Resort, and he celebrated with us," according to AFP.

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