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Anonymous hacker boasts moles inside US government


A young man with an Anonymous mask, wearing a military uniform, marches with Occupy Wall Street protesters on November 11, 2011 at Zuccotti Park in New York.


Don Emmert

Prominent Anonymous hacker Christopher “Commander X” Doyon, otherwise known as the homeless hacker and now living in Canada on the run from the FBI, has claimed the hacker collective has access to “every classified database” in the US government in an interview with Canadian-owned news agency Postmedia News.

“Right now we have access to every classified database in the US government. It’s a matter of when we leak the contents of those databases, not if,” said Commander X in the interview. 

Commander X said access to such databases was not attained by skilled hacking but rather was granted by like-minded insiders working with the databases for the US government.

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“You know how we got access? We didn’t hack them. The access was given to us by the people who run the systems. The five-star general (and) the Secretary of Defense who sit in the cushy plush offices at the top of the Pentagon don’t run anything anymore. It’s the pimply-faced kid in the basement who controls the whole game,” he told the news agency. 

While Anonymous is an amorphous, leaderless organization, Commander X claims to be among some of the most influential members of the collective, taking on a leadership role. Noting that the organization can never have a singular opinion, he said some individuals are in a position to act as spokesmen for the organization. 

“Anyone in Anon can be a spokesperson but my ability to speak is based on how much what I say squares with the consensus of the collective,” Commander X said. 

The organization has made assertions in the past that were found to be misleading, such as their boast of being able to black out the entire internet last April. When the scheduled internet blackout date arrived, the web was unaffected. 

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Commander X was arrested by the FBI last September in connection with a cyber-attack against web servers belonging to the city of Santa Cruz. After being released on bail, he fled the US into Canada, escaping prosecution and a possible 15 years in prison.