Kevin Spacey attended a red carpet movie premiere in Johannesburg for the short film "Spirit of a Denture" in which he stars. Here Spacey is at the recent White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington.
Credit: Kristoffer Tripplaar-Pool

There were lots of smiles and white teeth on display Saturday in Johannesburge where actor and director Kevin Spacey attended the premiere of a short film "A Spirit of a Denture," according to AP.

Spacey helped to produce and stars in the movie by South African writer/director Alan Shelley. The movie is a about about a workaholic dentist who is visited by a pirate, reported the UK Press Association. Did the dentist gave the pirate some laughing gas?  

Spacey spoke about his international outlook. The Hollywood and Broadway star has already extended his international reach by becoming the artistic director of London's Old Vic Theatre.

Recently, with backing from a whisky company, Spacey ran a contest to find talent from the United States, Russia and South Africa. The South African film was one of the films made as a result of the contest.

Spacey recently starred in another international collaboration, "Inseparable," by Chinese-American director Dayyan Eng. In the movie, which was filmed in China, Spacey plays an American expat who befriends a Chinese man played by Chinese-American actor Daniel Wu who is bogged down by work and marital problems.

Speaking to the press in Johannesburg, Spacey said: "There is no doubt that as you start to look around the world, you start to look at the Asia-Pacific region, you start to look at what's happening here, you look at what's happening in European cinema, there's a lot going on," Spacey said in Johannesburg, according to AP. "I like the idea of going to as many places as possible and (having) as many experiences as you can."

And it sure looks like Spacey had some fun making the "Dentures" film. The humorous trailer makes it seem like the short film is a comedy. 


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