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Naked gunman shot twice by Indiana police


Naked gunman Corey J. Hamersley was caught on camera by neighbor Nicole Stone as he ran through an Indiana neighborhood shooting into the air and at cars and houses Friday morning.


Nicole Stone

Police officers in Bloomington, Indiana, shot twice Corey J. Hamersley, 21, who was running naked through a neighborhood near an Indiana University campus early Friday morning firing a gun.

Officers were called to the scene shortly before 7 a.m., reported the Associated Press. Capt. Joe Qualters said the officers told Hamersley to stop, but he pointed his gun at one of the officers, who then shot him. When Hamersley sat up, he lifted his gun and pointed it toward the second officer, who shot him again.

Hamersley, who is an Indiana University student, was still in the hospital Friday evening following surgery to treat his non-life-threatening wounds, according to Bloomington's Herald Times.

The local paper reported the initial report police received was of a cursing and screaming man setting off fireworks. They then received a second call two minutes later, saying a naked man was firing a gun into the back of a house. The first officer on the scene heard gunshots, and the officers that followed saw a man in an alley behind a house, according to Chief Mike Diekhoff, who was at the scene.

Margaret and Dave Greischar live across the street from where Hamersley started his antics, according to Fox 59. Margaret said they were eating cereal when she heard what she thought was fireworks in front of her home. Dave decided to go check out what was happening.

"I walked around the side of the house and see this guy down on the street, standing there naked with a gun pointed in the air and he said to me, 'Sir, which window would you like sir?," Dave said, reported Fox.

Dave then said Hamersley must have followed him as he turned to go home, because Hamersley tried to push in the back door of the Greischar home, according to the Herald Times. The couple closed the steel door and Margaret called 911 as Hamersley fired shots at it.

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"The shot went through the kitchen, right by us. Then, we thought, well, we better move to the living room and behind the oak desk or something," Dave said to Fox. "I was afraid he was going to break through the back door and I didn’t know quite how to confront him."

Nicole Stone, 23, who said she lives down the hall from Hamersley but doesn't know him personally, was able to catch the incident on her cellphone camera, reported the Herald Times.

"I definitely saw him shoot in the air once he got in the street. He was just staying in the spot where he was, shooting every once in a while," she said to the paper. "He was, like, yelling crazy things, 'I've been drinking 40s' and 'soldier down.'" When police approached Hamersley, Stone said he screamed, "Don't taze me."

According to the Huffington Post, a police statement was released, saying, "Multiple shell casings from a 9mm firearm have been recovered from gunshots fired by the suspect prior to the arrival of officers. Initial damage has been noted to three vehicles and the back door of the residence of the second caller." No one else was injured.